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Greetings everyone?
Thank you very much for your visit to LBS Korea.
Since the establishment, we have been committed to realizing health and happy life for human beings while offering various bio products and operating one-stop health care system.
In particular, we have focused on development of biomedical products for mankind under our mission "Health brings happiness".
The quality of life has been enhanced all over the world but many people are suffering from pains in their spines, joints and pelvis due to breakdown of their body balance caused by bad lifestyles and habits.
In particular, there are a lot of cases in Korea as we are facing a rapidly aging society.

We are paying attention to this change, has completed to establish a bio medical system to improve body balance and muscular strength and now focus on distribution of the medical products.
In future, we will not only develop products but also become a bio company specialized in healthcare.
Your continued interest and support has been of great help to us and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to developing bio products for mankind and serving as a bio healthcare company.

Thank you very much.